Arthritis and Spondylitis

Ayurvedic Treatment for Arthritis and Spondylitis

Inflammation of skeletal joints is a very painful health issue and is a serious trouble for those affected by it. Arthritis and Spondylitis are the most prevalent form of bone joint inflammation disorders and are known to affect a vast majority of population belonging to high age groups. Pain, swelling and stiffness are common symptoms of the disease and cause serious troubles.

Ayurveda offers an extensive viewpoint over the disease. The science not only studies the ailment, but the person as well. Thus the idea of personalized custom treatment takes flight. The ayurveda treatment arthritis and spondylitis takes into account all the variables that are related to the disease and help formulate the best care so that the person is relieved from the troubles in life and granted a chance to prosper and stay healthy.

  • Ayurvedic arthritis treatment helps fade away and gradually reduce the ill effects of the disease
  • Ayurveda can reverse the process and lead to complete recovery from the ailment
  • Several therapeutic treatments help relieve the joint stiffness and effectively reduce the pain
  • Arthgritis ayurvedic medicine based on herbal extracts offers a relief from pain and help with the inflammation
  • Helps find the root cause of the ailment and a chance to balance the Doshas in an attempt to cure it.
  • Like arthritis, Spondylitis is an inflammation of the spine and lumbar region that causes pain and swelling of the joints in vertebral column. The vertebral inflammation causes severe pain and renders a person stationary as the joints stiffen which restricts movement.
  • Aggravated Vata Doshas is being stated as the major cause of joint inflammation and the lifestyle and dietary habits of the modern times are to blame for that. Alternative practices are the favorite for such types of troubles and are being established as the standard treatment for Arthritis and Spondylitis.

Arthritis ayurvedic treatment:

  • The arthritis ayurvedic treatment focuses on strengthening Agni and removing Ama forces from the body.
  • Special nutritional diets and elimination of toxins helps relieve the ill-effects of arthritis.
  • Abhyanga Massage is the best form of preventive arthritis ayurvedic treatment.
  • Pranayama / Breathing exercises are recommended as the most effective ancient healing technique for a myriad of troubles including Arthritis.
  • Meditation, Yog Asanas and heat therapies are the best form of ayurvedic treatment for arthritis.

Spondylitis ayurvedic treatment:

  • The ayurvedic treatment for ankylosing spondylitis helps relieve the symptoms like pain, stiffness, loss of strength, etc.
  • Ayurveda helps eliminate any chances of the recurrence of the health trouble.
  • Detoxification helps avoid inflammation of joints and thus plays a vital role to soothe pain.
  • Healing oils like Mahanarayan oil, olive oil and Abyhanga are great to reduce pain and stiffness.
  • Administration of herbal medicines fosters rejuvenation of body tissues and eradication of Spodylitis as a consequence.

The ayurvedic arthritis treatment and spondylitis treatment focuses on finding the prime cause of the trouble and acting directly on that point in order to relieve a person from the troubles associated with these defects.