Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is about treating Human’s Body, Mind and Soul. There are plethora of therapies and treatments available. Since every human body has its distinct body type & constitution the line of medication is considered accordingly to give the best possible results.

Ayurvedic treatments are mostly Internal, External or Both. Ayurvedic Massages are the ones which are done externally. There are numerous therapies offered separately or in combination to make you healthy and enables you to live life with new energy, excitement and zeal. Natural ingredients are used in making applies to be used on the body. These are organically processed to render every bit of their benefits depending upon the body constitution, type and need. Different amazing processes are followed considering all these aspects minutely. These therapies look into the very part of the body and offer the optimum solution to your specific and generic problems.

Pick of Amazing Ayurvedic Treatments

Panchakarma Treatments

“Panchakarma” is a combination of two words “Punch” means Five and “Karma” means Treatments which includes Vamana (Vomiting through the oral administration of medicines), Virechana (Purgation through the oral administration of medicines), Kashayavasti (Ano-rectal administration of medicinal herbal extracts) Snehavasti (Ano-rectal administration of medicated oils)and Nasya (Nasal administration of medicinal herbal extracts or medicated oils).

In Ayurveda medical science Panchakarma Treatments have a lot of significance. They are considered for primary therapeutic, purification, detoxification and rejuvenation treatments resulting prevention of diseases, restoration & rejuvenation of health and therapeutic management of diseases. All of these are not practiced separately and sometimes in combination also. Considering wellness aspect, Panchakarma is done to keep the immunity system and metabolism better and to prevent accumulation of toxins in the body. It improves and restores the necessary stability of body and mind.

The Panchakarma Treatments are provided with specific pre therapeutic measures and post therapeutic therapies. Both need to be addressed for a healthy life. Some dietary supplements and life style prescriptions need to be followed by the treatments for the complete therapeutic effectiveness. Internal medication can be prescribed as well along with Panhakarma Treatments for optimum results on the diseases and other wellness prescriptions.

Wonderful Therapies that Ayurveda brings to you for a healthy Body, Mind and Soul are

Abyangam (Full Body Massage)

It’s a full body massage to relax your body from pain and reduces fluid accumulation and removes accumulation of toxic elements present in the body. The duration of this treatment ranges between 45 to 60 minutes. It is a very effective rejuvenation therapy which improves circulation and gives you sound sleep. It one of the key treatments t in the cases of rheumatic complaints, stiffness of joints, back pain, spondylosis, frozen shoulders , spondylitis, sports injuries etc.

Sirodhara / Siroabhyangam

“Sirodhara" literally means continuous dripping of oil on the fore head. It is also known as Siroabhayangam. In Ayurveda the head is considered to be the root of the body. It has the same importance as the root has as the base of a plant. Hence Sirodhara has its great importance in ayurvedic treatments. Medicated oil sometimes in combination with medicated butter milk and herbal extract etc is dripped continuously on the forehead. Gentle massage is given over the scalp thus stimulating the pineal gland in the brain which produces serotonin and melatonin. It creates emotional balance the duration ranges between 40 to 45 minutes.

It is very useful for mental relaxation. Sirodhara is highly effective in ailments related to nervous system and emotional disorder such as insomnia, loss of memory, chronic depression and anxiety (panic) attacks.


It’s a kind of Potli (Bundle) Massage which is given for specific purposes. Special type of medicinal rice (Generally Navara Rice) is mixed with herbs and other organic ingredients and dipped in the milk. After applying the medicated oil over the whole body or any specific part rice and the root of Sida retusa extract are processed with milk and made in the form of paste. This paste is gently applied over the body along with massage. This is done for around 60 minutes and improves general body weakness, the skin color and complexion. This strengthens nerves & muscles and purifies blood. This therapy is very useful in all types of rheumatism, joint pain, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and emaciation of limbs, paralysis, sciatica, and certain skin diseases.

ElaKizhi (Medicinal leaves/ herbs bundles)

Under this therapy first medicinal leaves are cut into small pieces and further processed in the medicated oils. These are tied in muslin cloth or bag and dipped in the warm medicated oils.

The medicated bundle made is applied on the whole body or any specific part of the body. This is done for around 45 minutes. Fine powder of medicinal herbs is also used. This is very useful and effective on swelling in the joints and emaciation of limbs, pain, chronic back pain and rheumatic complaints, Arthritis, paralysis. It strengthens the muscular and nervous systems, reduces stiffness and pain, increases the circulation and metabolic rate, and improves the skin tone.


Under this kind of ayurvedic therapy a leather cap fitted around the head and medicated lukewarm oil is poured and made to retain over the head for around an hour. This It stimulates the nervous system and promotes mental concentration. Sirovasti is very effective in the cases of ailments like facial paralysis, cataract, deafness, earache, chronic headache, insomnia, psychosomatic stress and other diseases that afflict the cranial nerves.


Nasyam is very effective remedy in ayurveda and solve head related problems. The illness in the head region would get much relax after Nasyam. It is said that nostrils are the doorway to brain. Treatment for that area is done through nostrils. Medicated oil, herbal juice or other medicated formulations are given through nostrils. It is made sure that eyes are protected while giving this therapy. Nasyam helps to evacuate accumulated elements in the nasal sinuses and is very effective in the treatment of Sinusitis, Nasal congestion. It enhances the function of eyes also and makes you have a sound sleep. It is very effective in Migraine and cervical problems.


This is a therapeutic process in which lukewarm medicated oil is poured all over the body in a uniform rhythmic way continuously in specific direction along with simultaneous gentle massages for 60 to 90 minutes daily for 07 to 21 days. This treatment is effective for rheumatic diseases like arthritis, paralysis, weakness of muscular and nervous systems and sexual weakness.


It’s an effective cleansing therapy in Ayurveda. Filling of medicated oil into the ears termed as Karnapoornam and it is very effective in the infective pathologies of the ear. It improves the sound perception with clarity. It is considered as one of the purification and detoxification treatments in Ayurveda.

Greeva Vasti / Kati Vasti / Uro Vasti

It is a very special treatment in which warm medicated oil is applied to the upper back and lower back at the end of the vertebral region, where it is left for a certain period of time. lukewarm medicated oil is retained in a leak proof boundary made up of green gram powder paste over the the lower back – lumber(Kati vasti), upper back-cervical (Greeva vasti) and in the upper middle of the chest – thorax (Uro Vasti) is beneficial in localized and radiating pain of different origin. This treatment is effective in treating upper & lower back pain, slipped disc, sciatica and neurological ailments of lower back and lower limb.


Eyes are the most important part for any person. Cleaning the eyes with medicinal herbal extract or medicated milk is beneficial in all infective conditions of the eyes. It cleans the dust, dirt and other substances that get trapped in the eyes. It brings shine in the eyes, reduces tiredness of eyes, promotes the cleansing & curative effects.


Thalam enhances and nourishes the brain cells. It’s a very helpful treatment and cures insomnia, stress, tension and much type of mental conditions. This therapeutic procedure is done with herbal paste. The herbal power is mixed with water or fresh juice of medicinal leaves or medicated oil and applied over the middle of bregma and lamda on the head. It has wonderful effects on the brain and safeguards the brain from over heat and pressure variations. It promotes sound sleep and cooling effects.


Lepam means paste and it has a lot of significance in ayurveda. Application of medicinal herbal paste especially in joints proves to be very effective in inflammatory pathologies. It reduces pain, swelling, redness and local temperature.

Foot Massage

This massage gives new energy. It is done on the pressure points of the foot with medicated oils as a part of life style concentrating. It stimulates the internal organs and senses.

Head Massage

Medicated oil is poured over the head and is followed by a gentle massage. This massage relaxes head & mind and removes stress & strain.