De-Addiction and Rehabilitation

De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Program

Overcoming a habit is a challenge for anyone. It requires great discipline and a strong focus. Ayurvedic therapies accomplish the task of de-addiction through balance and harmony between the universe and body energies of a person. Stability in life is a must to refrain anyone from harmful activities and the ayurvedic rehabilitation from alcohol comes with an aim to restore the addict’s Dosha balance and prevent him from getting involved in health detrimental activities.

The ayurvdic term for addiction is MADATYA and the treatment to obtain a relief from the same is personalized and custom tailored to suit the requirements of each person. This guarantees an effective recovery and health restoration.

Intoxicating yourself with alcohol, tobacco or drugs leads to serious health troubles and it becomes necessary to prevent further intake in order to restore the lost health back and realize the dreams of happiness and joy.

Ayurveda’s vast pool of knowledge helps a person get back on the track of a healthy life and provides a chance to regain motivation and confidence. Any harmful substance deprives the body of Ojas (power) and makes it a breeding ground for a multitude of life threatening ailments. The ayurvedic rehabilitation from drugs has the aim to let a person stay confident about life and motivate him to make an effort for the sake of well-being.

Special massage therapies to remove toxins and exercise routines to release negative thoughts come as a timeless benefit for those who have been affected by the evil habit. Prescribed herbal medicines and health boosting diets are offered to reduce addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

Ayurvedic treatments for De-addiction

Balancing the aggravated Doshas is necessary to relieve the habits of addiction. Alleviating treatments for the affected Doshas brings back the lost balance and effectively induce calmness in life thus fading away the demands of alcohol or drugs. Peace in life is a must to ensure that a person remains focused on attaining a healthy lifestyle and also is confident about wellness from the treatment. Certain ayurvedic herbs like Brahmi, Yashtimadhu, Guduchi and Shankhpushpi are prescribed in order to improve a person’s chances for successful de-addiction.

The treatments are composed of the following procedures:

  • Determining the Dosha balance to induce stability in life
  • Ayurvedic rehabilitation from tobacco strengthens a person’s nervous system in order to increment the concentration and focus levels
  • Ayurveda offers extensive guidance and counseling in the form of psychotherapy that motivates a person to refrain from addiction
  • Meditation and exercises are an integral part of the treatment and are a must to detract a person from any harmful substances
  • Purification therapies focus on uprooting the toxins from the body and are performed the best at ayurvedic de-addiction centers
  • Dietary modifications help a person tackle the sudden withdrawal symptoms and let him regain the satisfactory levels of fitness
  • The ayurvedic treatment for rehabilitation overcome alcohol and tobacco abuse

The treatment varies for each body constitution (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) with an aim to flush out the toxins and restore the internal organs from the ill-effects of addiction.