Eye Care

Eye Care by Ayurveda

Eyes are the most vital sense organs and a sure blessing for all. These tiny little balls enable us to see the wonders of nature and cherish the delights from the timeless visuals of life. Such significant organs require utmost attention and pampering of the highest form to let us serve for a lifetime. The ayurvedic eye treatment comes with the aim to relieve our beloved eyes from the abusive usage and over straining that are common with today’s lifestyles.

According to ayurvedic sciences, all the five elements of the universe –

  • Earth (Prithvi),
  • Fire (Tejas), Air (Vayu),
  • Water (Apu) and
  • Space (Akasha),

govern the effectiveness of our eyes and respectively determine muscles, blood vessels, color, whiteness and tear ducts of them.

Eye care is imperative and undeniable in order to maintain the best level of vision and every person should inculcate healthy eye habits to assure that the sparkling beads serve us till eternity. The most common eye related issues are difficulty is reading, straining of the eyes, excess watering and irritation. The ayurvedic eye care center offers the best treatment to restore the lost effectiveness and ability of our eyes.

The ayurvedic eye care covers both the aspects of treatment, which include:

  • Preventive eye care
  • Post disease relief

Breakdown of the ayurvedic eye care follows:

  • A personalized and detailed consultation diagnoses the eye troubles and determines the type of issue affecting a particular individual. This substantially improves the efficacy of the treatment.
  • Medications and dietary suggestions are offered after the consultation and the treatment commences towards latter stages.
  • Rejuvenating therapies to relax eye muscles and purify them of any toxins are performed.
  • Herbal medicine intake to relive stress from the eyes.
  • Specially created natural extracts are poured on the eye to prevent irritation and straining.

                                                                                                         Embark on a journey of tranquility and solitude!

Ayurveda suggests that a person leave no stone unturned to serve his eyes with the best care. Ayurveda for eyes prevents problems and helps improve our vision. Every ayurvedic eye treatment ensures that the problem be cured from its roots and thus a promise of lifetime health and wellness is offered. Pamper your peepers with the blissful therapeutic experience that focuses extensively on offering your eyes the best form of blissful experience.

The ayurvedic treatment for dry eyes relieves the problems of itching and irritation. With such goodness on offer, the treatment is an undeniable experience and a must to present your eyes with the utmost form of care and attention.