Facial Paralysis

Ayurvedic Facial Paralysis Treatment

Facial paralysis is also known as Bell’s palsy and is a partial or complete loss of functions of facial nerves. It is causes by the paralysis of the facial nerve (7th cranial nerve) due to prolonged infection or injury. Inflammation of the facial nerve that arises from the brain and leads to the face causes this dysfunction and renders a part of the face useless. It can occur at any age and leads to weaknesses in the facial muscles and an inability to control the same.

The ayurvedic facial paralysis treatment helps eradicate the root cause of the trouble and cure the paralytic disorder. An obstructed and vitiated Vata in the corresponding nerves, arteries and veins is being cited as the prime cause of the ailment. Regaining the Doshic balances and curing the aggravated Vata helps the facial nerves to gather the lost strength and life.

Ayurveda refers to facial paralysis as “Ardita”. Due to injuries and infections from the past, the Vata gets trapped in the corresponding nerves which makes the face to turn towards one side.
The symptoms and clinical features of Facial Paralysis are:

• The face turns towards one side
• Facial muscles and nerves lose function
• Numbness in the facial region
• Pain in head, nose, lips, cheeks, eyes, etc.
• Neck is deviated to one side of the body

Being a foundation for well-being, ayurveda comes with effective remedies to successfully let a person gain relief from the disorder. Ayurvedic healing promises the best cure to facial paralysis and a guarantee to mitigate the pain associated with it.

Ayurvedic treatment of Bell’s Palsy comprises of the following healing procedures that guarantee a safe and effective counter to all the symptoms of the disease:

• Abhyanga (Oil massage)
• Mridu Swedana (Mild sweating treatment)
• Nasya (Nasal drops)
• Snighda – Amla – Lavana Rasa prayoga (Medicinal administration possessing sour and salty taste)
• Vatahara Oushadha (Vata balancing treatment)

Ayurvedic herbal medicines both for internal and external purposes help alleviate the troubles associated with Facial Paralysis and gain the patient an effective respite against the ailment. Ayurveda lets a person pamper himself with the blissful healing techniques and offers a chance to regain the lost health in life. Panchakarma Therapies along with oral medication help fade away the ill-effects of facial paralysis substantially and is an optimum dose of wellness.

To maximize the chances of recovery from Bell’s Palsy, an early intervention in the form of facial paralysis treatment in ayurveda is must and imperative. With the appropriately administered combination of herbal medication, every symptom associated with the nerve disorder can be successfully faded and the muscles re-vitalized in order to let a person gain control over the affected part of the face.

The ayurvedic treatment of Bell’s Palsy and facial paralysis treatment has the main objective to reduce the complications and bring relief to people suffering from the dreadful ailment. Ayurveda is a getaway to detoxify and re-vitalize every single aspect of human body in an attempt to grant wellness and prosperity in life.