Nervous Disability

Ayurvedic Treatment to Cure Nervous Disability

The brain is the processing unit and the single most important part of the entire human body. It governs all our actions and thoughts. It is a hub for extensive nervous activity that determines even our slightest behavior. Functioning of organs, memory, physical actions, emotions, all is controlled by the nervous system of which brain is the prime organ.

Ayurveda helps maintain a healthy balance for brain and provides it the requisite dose of balanced Doshas in order to function in optimum condition. Our body gets vastly affected by stresses and strains and a gradual increment of these troubles weakens our nervous system. The nervous weakness treatment focuses on eliminating the root cause of mental stresses and nervous strains that are a major cause of anxiety, depression, panic and frustration.

A nervous system interconnects every single part of the body and an anomaly in one can affect any other and thus causes disability of the nerves. Nervous disability ayurvedic treatment focuses on nourishment in order to re-vitalize the system and grant it added vigor to be able to overcome stresses and strains. The various regimes that form a part of the process involving re-vitalizing the nervous system have been stated as under:

  • For a weak nervous system, Ayurvedic medicine for nervous disability prepared from Vata Harana herbs grant efficiency and effectiveness to it.
  • Bala a Vata Harana increases the blood circulation to activate functions of the nervous system.
  • Kapiikachu (Cowhage) seeds act as nerve tonics and provide them added power in order to restart a weakened nervous system.
  • The nervous disability ayurvedic treatment makes use of Ashwagandha that helps relieve stress and anxiety.

In addition to the prescribed nourishment, Ayurveda comes as a blessing to relieve a person from nervous troubles. Therapeutic ayurveda like Shirodhara, Sirovasti, Nasyam, Pizhichil and Pichu help attain the requisite balance between the Doshas and lets the body functions as per optimum abilities. The nervous weakness ayurvedic treatment augments the recovery from disorders of the brain and treat the root cause of nervous disability.

Ayurveda is a natural way of effective respite against a multitude of health issues. The ancient scientific principles still offer the best remedy to numberless diseases with unmatched effectiveness.

Mudras for nervous disability and weakness

Ayervedic Mudras are an effective way to manipulate the body doshas. These mudras let a person attain a satisfactory level of Dosha balance and a strengthening of the nervous system s a result. These mudras are:

  • Gyan Mudra 
  • Vata kaarak or Vaayan mudra