Paraplegia & Tetraplegia

Treat Paraplegia and Tetraplegia with Ayurvedic Therapies

Paralysis occurs when a part or complete body loses function. Paralysis is caused by damage to the nervous system especially the spinal cord. Paralysis can occur to complete body or a part of it. When the lower half of the body including legs is affected, it is called Paraplegia. Paralysis of both arms and legs is called Tetraplegia or Quadreplegia. On the contrary if only one side is involved, it is called Hemiplegia.

The root cause of any type of paralysis is the disruption of nervous communication/impulse along the pathway from brain to a specific body part or organ. This can impair muscle control which gradually leads to paralysis and permanent dysfunction.

Strokes, traumas and nerve injuries are common causes of nervous damage. Paralysis renders a person useless and cannot even fulfill day to day tasks on his own. As per ayurvedic concepts, aggravation of Vata results in sleeplessness, over-exertion and under-nourishing. All these factors affect the nerves and cause damage thus increasing the chances of a paralysis attack.

Ayurveda classifies paralysis as disruption in Vata Dosha which governs the motor and sensory functions of the body. Ayurvedic treatment for paralysis helps the nerves to bring back their control and ability to take charge. This ensures that the muscles regain their power and are able to move.

The ayurvedic treatment for tetraplegia comprises of the following steps in order to ascertain the recovery of nervous and muscle control:

  • Panchakarma therapies and body massages improve blood circulation and functioning of nervous systems.
  • Heat therapies like Patra Pottali Sveda and Nadi Sveda help the muscles to retain sufficient strength to be able to move.
  • With ayurvedic medicine for paralysis like Ashwagandha, Dhanwantaram, Maha Masha Taila and Bala, there is high chance of recovery from the disorder and an offer of sufficient nourishment to be able to withstand the troubles to regain health.
  • Paraplegia ayurvedic treatment therapies like Vasti, Abhyanga, Navara and Kizhi are highly beneficial to let a person recover from the dreadful disorder.

The ayurveda treatment for paralysis focuses on eradicating the root cause of it by stimulating the nervous system in order to re-route the electrical signals from brain to the desired organs. Ayurveda paralysis treatment India classifies the disorder under Vata Viyadhi and the classic texts offer a successful remedy to alleviate every issue that haunts the nervous system.