Rejuvenation and Detoxification

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation and Detoxification Therapy

Ayurveda literally translates to “Knowledge of life”. It comes as a blessing for humanity and is the guarantee of a healthy body and peaceful mind. Ayurveda lets a person immerse in the goodness of the classic treatment processes and dig deep into himself with an aim to provide his body the best form of care and attention. The imbalance of the body elements is a consequence of the sedentary lifestyle or over burden from work. A person is exposed to innumerable negative elements that arise from erratic eating habits, poor diet, emotional imbalance, work burden, stress and tensions. All these elements combine and cause substantial harm to a person.

The ayurvedic treatment for rejuvenation offers a golden opportunity to overcome the ill-effects and re-vitalize the body with a necessary dose of health and well-being. Releasing the piled up toxins from the body is a requisite for good health and a prelude to prosperity in life.

Drain your senses of all stresses and negativities

The rejuvenation and detoxification program covers the following aspects of well-being:

  • Purifying the internal body environment

A healthy and active lifestyle blesses everyone with the timeless benefits of good health. It becomes imperative to alter a sedentary life and stay on the move. Any physical activity is an opportunity to drain the harmful toxins and impurities from the body in order to attain a satisfactory level of fitness and well-being.

Augment the cleansing process with the ayurvedic treatment for detoxification and purify yourself to the core. Herbal oil massages, steam therapies, ayurvedic diets and therapeutic cleansing techniques stimulate and indulge the body elements to fulfill the desires of a rejuvenated and disease free life.

  • Body detoxification and spa therapies

Massages, enemas, steam baths and hydrotherapies form the core of detoxification ayurvedic treatment. Augment your recovery from imbalanced Doshas and pave way for good health. The resort facilities to rejuvenate and de-stress a person comes as a blessing to satisfy the needs of ultimate care and body attention.

Benefits of the rejuvenation ayurvedic treatment:

• Grants lightness to the body and clarity of thought
• Improves and increments the life energy or Ojas
• Relieves the body of all harmful and unwanted elements
• Is a prelude to successful Panchakarma Treatment
• Cleans the body and makes it feel vibrant
• Lets a person experience complete peace of mind