Sinusitis and Migraine

Sinusitis and Migraine Ayurvedic Treatment

Migraine and sinusitis are nightmares and leave a person depressed from persistent pain. These are common troubles that people come across today and the severity of pain forces them to take harmful pain killers that have side effects on normal body function. A lot of people suffer from pounding head and nasal inflammation. Sinusitis and Migraine ayurvedic treatment offers the best consultation and remedial cure to mitigate the troubles associated with these common health issues.

For a long-term relief from migraine and sinusitis, ayurveda comes as a timeless blessing and the effective nature of the treatment with 100% natural remedies helps fade away the pain and aches. Migraine and sinusitis can prove to be harmful if not treated at earliest.

An imbalance in Pitta Dosha is cited as the cause of these disorders and the classic ayurvedic scriptures hold the greatest assets to relieve the symptoms of each.

Ayurvedic Migraine treatment

Migraine is known as “Ardhavbhedak” in ayurvedic terms and is the most under-diagnosed and under-treated diseases. People tend to ignore these persistent headaches with pain killers and keep on moving. Not paying attention to migraine can cause serious brain dysfunctions and harm the nerve cells inside the head. The discomfort from a headache is haunting and ayurvedic migraine treatment associates the disease with a sensitive nervous system and impaired digestion.

Targeting the root cause of the ailment helps eradicate it permanently and offers lifelong respite from the pain. The headaches ayurvedic treatment to fade away migraine is mentioned as follows:

  • Panchakarma therapies help ease the pain associated with migraineAdministration of herbal nasal drops or Nasya is an effective way to treat the persistent headaches in migraine
  • Shriodhara is a special ayurvedic head massage that helps release the toxins and relieve pain. In this process a constant flow of medicated liquid is maintained on the forehead and it improves blood circulation in the cephalic region thus promoting health and well-being
  • Shirovasti therapy which includes body massages and an extended oil bath at the effective areas in which medicated herbal liquids are poured in between cavities created from dough seals. This treatment ensures re-vitalization and toxin elimination from the head thus relieving a person from migraine

Ayurvedic Sinusitis treatment

Inflammation of the cavities around the nasal passages is called sinusitis and can be a serious problem if not cared about. Sinuses are the cavities in the skeletal structure of the face and they are connected with the cavities of the nose. Inflammation of these cavities can cause headaches, mucus accumulation, plugged nose and thus it becomes imperative to relieve all these symptoms as they cause discomfort.

Ayurveda reveals that sinusitis is caused by an imbalance in Prana Vata (a Vata subcategory that governs the brain, head and mind). Shleshaka Kapha (a subdosha of kapha influencing lubrication and moisture) also plays a vital role to cause this trouble.

The ayurvedic sinusitis treatment helps balance all the three Doshas and alleviate the complications of nasal inflammation. The processes involved in the treatment have been furnishes as under:

  • Prana Vata and Shleshaka Kapha pacifying diets are offered in order to attain a balance of the doshas and regain the lost strength.
  • Herbal supplements for overall health improvement of the sinuses help counter any inflammations and gain a quick relief from the problem.
  • Panchakarma therapeutic detoxification treatment helps a person re-vitalize his body fluids and attain optimum metabolic functions thus preventing nasal cavity inflammation.

Ayurveda is a blissful experience to invest in good health and well-being!