Skin Diseases

Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Diseases

The sophisticated knowledge of Ayurveda applied to the realms of herbal approach to skin care remains a timeless benefit of the blissful therapeutic treatment. With a remedy for each of the health and wellness related issues, ayurveda comes as an undeniable care for all and the natural approach of the treatment with assurance of zero side effects makes it a favorite remedy to attain flawlessly glowing skin.

Know your Dosha for a customized skin treatment!

Every person is born with a unique balance of the three Doshas and their combination determines a person’s characteristics.

The three Doshas are:

  • Vata (Air and Space)
  • Pitta (Fire and Water)
  • Kapha (Water and Earth)

Pertaining the close relationship between Doshas and skin of a person, a customized and individual skin ayurvedic treatment is offered to specify the particular demands. The most common skin related troubles are pimples, acne, spots, dark circles, wrinkles, dermatitis and skin irritation. Ayurveda offers a rich and insightful perspective on a wide range of skin problems and the effectiveness of the same is evident from the highly positive acclaim from countless people who have been relieved from a multitude of skin troubles.

The traditional therapeutic Ayurvedic treatment for skin disease has created waves in the world of beauty care and has been regarded as the prime service to attain the most satisfying looks.

The best skin care for your Dosha type.

Ayurvedic treatment for skin is based on the Dosha type of an individual and is formulated to meet the specific requirements of each. Following are the skin care treatments for each of the Dosha types:

Skin care for Vata

Vata skin is characterized to be thin, delicate and transparent. Such a skin type demands a gentle treatment and the personalized care caters the specific requirements while serving the following benefits:

  • Gentle cleansing doesn’t dry or hurt the skin.
  • Skin is moisturized and kept hydrated to prevent dryness.
  • Aloe-Herb facial cleansing treatment offers the skin a refreshed feel.
  • Special masks and anti-aging creams with soothing massage offer a delightful ayurvedic skin care.

Skin care for Pitta

Pitta skin is characterized by being the most vulnerable to harmful elements. Such a skin type is mostly clear and radiant but can easily be irritated as it is highly sensitive to any harmful agents.

Ayurveda for skin diseases prescribes the following treatment methods to serve Pitta skin type:

  • Purely natural products are applied to the skin that are suitable for this type.
  • Treatments to balance skin hydration are offered that refresh and glow the face.
  • Pitta skin is susceptible to harsh sunburns. Thus special therapeutic treatment is offered for a respite against sun burns.
  • Plant and fruit-based extracts of the highest quality and purity levels rejuvenate and refresh the skin infinitely.

Skin care for Kapha

Kapha skin is characterized by smoothness, moisture and least wrinkles. But this skin type is prone to pores and oily surface. The skin color remains pale or dull.

  • For such individuals, a thorough cleaning treatment with the best facial cleansers is the optimum respite against oily pores.
  • The skin diseases treatment in Ayurveda offers nourishing gains to regain the lost luster and grace of your aesthetics.
  • The purifying mud mask treatment and exfoliation will bless your pretty face with the requisite dose of freshness and life.

Revive your senses with the blissful therapeutic experience of skin enhancement and beautifying techniques. Engage your senses and immerse in the indulging herbal treatments.