Slip Disk

Slip Disc Ayurveda Treatment

Slip Disk is a cause of multitude of troubles and affects body functions in diverse ways. From continuous pain to difficulty in walking, a slip disk causes chronic pain that gets hard to bear with time. Discs are shock-absorbing pads between the consecutive bones of the spine. Due to injury, weakness or extreme endurance, a disc may split or rupture thus causing it to slip.

The condition is commonly known as herniated slip disc and causes severe pain. The pain arises due to “Nerve root compression” because of slipped discs and thus affects varying portions of the body. Ayurvedic treatment for slip disc is an effective way to alleviate the pain associated with the complication and grant the spine an incremented strength in order to regain its normal posture and position.

The main focus of the slip disc treatment in ayurveda is on the compressed nerves and the treatment helps relieve the pressure on them in order to reduce pain and prevent muscle spasms as well.

Slip disc ayurveda treatment explained:

The ancient healthcare remedies of ayurveda offer a perfect relief against the troubles created by a herniated disc and the main focus of the treatment lies on:

  • Strengthening and reinforcing the connective tissues and muscles that hold the spine.
  • Relieve the compression of nerve roots and also reduce muscle spasms.
  • Relieve the pain in the affected areas by improving nourishment along those areas and increased circulation.

The various ayurvedic therapies that are known to grant an effective relief against the troubles caused by a herniated disc have been explained as under:


Kativasti is a treatment in ayurveda that helps treat a slipped disc with medicinal oils and slight pressure application along the waist area of the body.


A head-to-toe massage with slow and rhythmic motion helps relieve the affected area of pain and relaxes the muscles and nerves around the same. Lukewarm medicated oil helps accelerate the healing process and de-stresses all the stiffened joints.


Massaging the body with poultices made from therapeutic herbs and healing oils signifies Kizhi. In this process, the body tissues accumulate the rejuvenating oils while eliminating the toxic elements from the body.

Dhanyamla Dhara

A continuous flow of warm medicated oils throughout the body helps in attaining the stability of Doshas and prepares the body for spine repositioning in slip disc treatment. It helps the body to re-vitalize and regain the lost strength from the refreshing herbal oils.

Ayurveda in India offers a tangible replacement to surgical approach for treating a herniated slip disc and is a viable cure for the same. The slip disc treatment in ayurveda helps gain a substantial relief from severe pain and gradually fosters complete cure of the same.