Weight Loss Programme

Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program

With its main focus on the cause of weight gain and retention of excessive weight, Ayurvedic Weight Loss Program will let you lose ounces effectively. Look inside yourself and figure out what your body demands and take note of how it reacts or responds to any weight loss intended inputs. The whole idea of Ayurvedic Weight Loss is based on three entities – Agni, Ama and Ojas. The perspective of weight loss will let you lose excess weight and prevent any negativity lurking around the same.

The weight loss program allows you to intentionally connect with yourself and feel better about every aspect of your life. The body responds to even the slightest inputs and satisfaction from the feeling is a timeless blessing.

Most weight reduction strategies are harsh to the body and deprive it at all times. The idea of Ayurvedic Diet for Weight loss is not to deprive the body of essential nutrients, rather it focuses on eliminating the excess bulk while improving overall fitness.

The whole focus of the traditional technique is to uplift your grooming and re-vitalize your body with richness of its benefits. Its secret lies around the powerful and mystical entities that have been elaborated as under:


Agni or Fire determines the effectiveness of digestive tract. Depending upon the body physiology and metabolic status, the prescribed treatment can be specifically formulated based on the requirements of a particular individual.

The analysis offers the most suitable treatment to that will let you embark of a journey of uncompromised fitness.


Ama constitutes the unwanted elements in the body that occur in the form of toxins, bacteria, viruses and other disease causing agents. Being a formidable threat, these hamper a person’s development process significantly and come in the way of attaining wellness nirvana.


Ojas is the third step involved in the weight loss program. It lets a person regain the lost vigor and reclaim strength to lay a foundation for future fitness regimes. Ojas literally translates to power and it is the essential force that enables a person to undertake daily activities.

As per Ayurveda, being obese signifies an inherent excess in Kapha Dosha. It is the loss of balance and stability of human body that is the root cause and a breeding ground for a multitude of ailments. Ayurvedic Weight Loss never focuses on short-term gains. Rather it lets a person explore wellness to promote a lifetime of desired vigor and vitality.

Let us explore in-depth, the commitments required from the individual desiring to avail the best benefits from the Ayurvedic Treatment from Weight Loss:

  • Yoga sessions every morning
  • No meals skipping
  • Avoid snacks between meals
  • Heavy breakfast and light dinner
  • Prefer Kapha pacifying diet
  • Regularly exercise and stay active
  • Early to sleep and early to rise habit

The customized weight loss treatment lets you to:

  • Prepare for your wellness.
  • Accelerate vitalizing techniques.
  • Transform your body to attain the peak levels of fitness.